Link Export was founded back in 1961 and is a traditionally, family-owned company by the directors Manfred Wierczoch and Iris C. Wierczoch. The company is based in the south of Germany and our scope of business is wholesale and foreign trade.

During the last 55 years our main customers are located in the GCC countries which we provide with our excellent service. We completely handle the necessary paperwork, e.g. export and shipping documents including the legalisation of the same.

Building material
Building accessories
Building vehicles
High quality casting parts
Together with an experienced team our aim is to provide first class service, high expertise, reliability and competence to our existing and potential new clients. We are proud that most of our clients from then are customers until these days. This shows that we are not looking for a fast business – we are looking to establish a long term relation with our customers because we are convinced that this is the way both side can take advantage from.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question in relation to the above. We ensure you a high quality service and that all your queries will be dealt with in a friendly, efficient manner. If we have found your interest we hope to have a long and fruitful partnership with you.